#Iran: Gathering demands release of Mohammad-Ali Taheri; some arrested #Amnesty #humanrights #prisoner

Iran: Gathering demands release of Mohammad-Ali Taheri; some arrested

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced in a statement: Mohamad-Ali-Taheri-Fans-Protest-3On Sunday, 16 August, a group of people from Tehran gathered in front of regime’s Ministry of Justice to demand the release of political prisoner Mohammad-Ali Taheri. After spending four years in prison and as his sentence is almost finished, he has been once again tried on the mullah-fabricated-charge of “corruption on earth by deviating people” and condemned to death. Previously, he had been sentenced to five years in prison, fined 900 million tomans, and condemned to 74 lashes for absurd charges such as “insulting the sanctities, illegal use of scientific titles (doctor and engineer), and writing misleading books and articles”.

Iranian regime’s plainclothes agents and intelligence elements were present in the streets leading to Park Shahr and the Justice Ministry to prevent a protest gathering from taking shape and its expansion. A criminal interrogator by the name of Mohammad-Reza Rahimi was personally present there. He identified the people and attacked and arrested them.

The suppressive forces attacked the protestors with batons and tear gas and fired shots into the air to disperse the people. A number of protestors were injured while some were arrested and transferred to regime’s intelligence centers, including the center in Vozara Street.

Similarly, on Saturday, a group of people in Esfahan gathered at the Nazar intersection of this city holding placards that read “Release Mohammad-Ali Taheri”. As this gathering was taking shape, the intelligence agents arrested a number of people and transferred them to an unknown location.

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