#NCRI calls on #Greek government, parliament &political parties2support #Iranian #refugees

#Iranian #refugees arrives in Greece-Reuters 15082015
#Iranian #refugees arrives in Greece-Reuters 15082015

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced in a statement: The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the violent treatment of Iranian refugees in Greece in the recent days that has injured a number of them. Emphasizing on the responsibility of the Greek government for the security of Iranian asylum-seekers and refugees in that country, the Iranian Resistance urges that government as a member state of the European Union and party to the 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention to grant asylum to the Iranian refugees and not allow these refugees to face injustice, prejudice and violence outside the jurisdiction of the regime of mullahs as well. Some of these refugees who have been in Greece for many years still do not enjoy refugee status.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the Greek parliament, political parties, and refugee rights organizations, as well as the EU Council and Emigration Commission and defenders of the sacred right to asylum throughout Europe, to adopt immediate measures to support the refugees and in particular the Iranian refugees in Greece and not allow the rights of Iranian refugees and asylum-seekers and the universal refugee values to be trampled upon in Europe.

While the Iranian regime victimizes the Iranian people, especially the Iranian youth, every day in its escalating wave of repression, including executions, cutting off hands and feet, splashing acid, and other savage treatments and while the number of those executed during the presidency of Rouhani alone has reached 2000, respect for the rights of Iranian asylum-seekers and granting them the right to asylum takes on priority.

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