#CampLiberty #Iraq : Preventing necessary #surgery of 8 ill #asylum seekers #iran #pmoi #ncri

6426_510Third week that residents’ purchased necessary items are prohibited from entry

 The committee led by Faleh Fayyadh within the Iraqi Prime Ministry office tasked to suppress Liberty residents has intensified its suppressive policies and inhumane restrictions against Liberty residents.

On Sunday, 16 August, Iraqi agents, upon the orders of the ‘suppression committee’ prevented 4 patients from meeting an eye surgery appointment in a hospital in Baghdad. These patients had waited in line for a long time to undergo surgery. The surgery appointments of these 4 patients have to this date been cancelled several times due to the Iraqi forces’ obstructions.

On the same day Iraqi forces prevented 4 other patients, suffering from ear problems, from going to a Baghdad hospital, which led to the cancellation of their long awaited appointments.

The residents immediately informed UNAMI that Iraqi forces prevented the transfer of these 8 patients  to Baghdad, yet these measures were fruitless.

The medical siege and making the residents suffer to death is a well-known policy of the ‘suppression committee’ acting on behalf of the religious fascism ruling Iran that has to this date taken the lives of 26 residents.

In another inhumane measure, the ‘suppression committee’ prevented the entry of the residents purchased necessary items. These items included: 10 water coolers, textiles, utility items, and maintenance and repair supplies for the camp’s infrastructure and spare parts for the service trucks. This is now the third week that the ‘suppression committee’ is preventing the entry of the residents’ basic necessities.

In a camp where its residents are not allowed freedom of movement outside, preventing the entry of basic necessities purchased by the residents is a flagrant breach of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between UNAMI and the Iraqi government on 25 December 2011, and a violation of human rights and humanitarian standards and international treaties and is considered a criminal act.

The Iranian Resistance, given the written and repeated commitments of the US Government and UN regarding the safety and security of Liberty residents, calls for the immediate intervention of the US and UN to end the logistical and medical siege on Camp Liberty and allow the residents free access to medical services.

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