#Iran: Urgent call to stop imminent #execution of a Kurdish political #prisoner #UNHCHR

Iran: Urgent call to stop imminent execution of a Kurdish political prisoner

Behrouz Akhani بهروز آلخاني
Behrouz Akhani
بهروز آلخاني

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced in a statement: The Iranian Resistance called on the United States, the EU and its member states, as well as the United Nations and the High Commissioner for Human Rights and human rights institutions worldwide, to take urgent action to prevent the execution of political prisoner Mr. Behrouz Alkhani and it strongly condemned the silence of the international community, especially the European Union, regarding the escalating trend of executions and in particular the political executions.

After suffering six years of imprisonment and torture, Kurdish political prisoner Mr. Behrouz Alkhani was transferred to solitary confinement in Urmia Prison on Tuesday, August 25, in preparation for his execution. Regime’s henchmen have told his family who visited him on Tuesday for the last time that he is to be executed tomorrow.

Absent a firm stance regarding these criminal executions, visits by the EU High Representative and senior officials and foreign ministers of EU member states practically fuels the machine of execution, terror and suppression of the ruling religious fascism. A regime that has executed over 2000 just during Rouhani’s office and its leaders should be brought to justice.

Amnesty International issued a statement on August 25 declaring: “The authorities have already carried out 700 executions in Iran so far this year. Allowing Behrouz Alkhani’s death sentence to be implemented will only leave them more blood on their hands.”

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