#IAEA: Constant modifications in #Parchin have undermined agency’s ability to conduct effective verification #irandeal #nuclear

International Atomic Energy Agency:

Constant modifications in Parchin have undermined agency’s ability to conduct effective verification

By barring stringent inspection of Parchin, Iranian regime is planning to prevent disclosure of previous military activities and leave open the path for further clandestine activities

1569971_-_mainSecretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced in a statement: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) declared in its most recent report to its board of governors: “at a particular location at the Parchin site, the agency has continued to observe, through satellite imagery, the presence of vehicles, equipment, and probable construction materials. In addition, a small extension to an existing building appears to have [been] constructed.” The IAEA reiterated that “The activities that have taken place at this location since February 2012 are likely to have undermined the agency’s ability to conduct effective verification.

The report states: “The Agency has concerns about the possible existence in Iran of undisclosed nuclear related activities involving military related organizations, including activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile. Iran is required to cooperate fully with the Agency on all outstanding issues, particularly those which give rise to concerns about the possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear programme, including by providing access without delay to all sites, equipment, persons and documents requested by the Agency.”

The summary at the end of the report states: “The Agency is not in a position to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran, and therefore to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities.”

Mr. Reza Najafi, regime’s representative at the IAEA who was upset about the disclosure of illicit activities in Parchin, said, “Still more ludicrous is that it is claimed that a small section has been added to a building near the location claimed by the IAEA and it is not clear what this had to do with the agency.” He idiotically added: The regime “does not need agency’s permission for construction at its sites.” He described “baseless allegations” about the “possible military dimensions of the nuclear program” as “technical and unnecessary details” that have rendered “useless this section of the report” (Fars News Agency, affiliated with IRGC – 27 August 2015).

The recent report by the IAEA indicates that the Iranian regime is extremely fearful of disclosure of its activities at Parchin and attempts to cover up its previous bomb-making activities by obstructing stringent and accurate inspections that would leave the path to future clandestine activities open. Iranian regime’s attitude toward inspection of Parchin demonstrates this fact that mullahs only understand the language of force and they use negotiations, much as in the past couple of decades, to mislead the international community and to continue with their bomb-making project.

As the Iranian Resistance has numerously disclosed, including in November 2014, Parchin has been one of the principal sites for the organ responsible for manufacturing the nuclear weapon that was previously dubbed “Center for Development of Advanced Defense Technology.”

Mr. Saeid Borji, one of the principal directors of this organ was in direct contact with the Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko who built the explosive chamber in Parchin. Mr. Borji was the chief of the “Center for Explosives, Blast Research and Technologies” (Metfaz) which is one of the departments of the nuclear bomb-making organ. He obtained Danilenko’s experience and knowledge directly from him.

On the other hand, “Separate arrangement II agreed by the Islamic State of Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency” on inspection of Parchin that was recently reported by the Associated Press is signed by IRGC Brigadier General Ali Hosseini-Tash who is Iranian regime’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Undersecretary for Strategic Affairs. In the past two decades, in particular when the explosive chambers and blast and explosive experiments were conducted in Parchin, he was among the highest-ranking officials involved in the bomb-making project.

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