#Iran: Savage #raid on #prisoners of Evin #Prison &Zahedan’s central prison #amnesty #unhchr

Iran: Savage raid on prisoners of Evin Prison and   Zahedan’s central prison

Evin prison In Tehran
Evin prison In Tehran

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced in a statement: On Thursday, August 27, Evin Prison guards attacked wards seven and eight and inspected prisoners’ belongings. These wards are allocated to ordinary prisoners but regime’s henchmen have transferred a number of political prisoners to these wards to increase pressure on them. During these raids prisoners are always harassed and humiliated and some their belongings are always confiscated or stolen by the henchmen or otherwise destroyed. It was six weeks ago that Evin prison guards raided these same wards.

Similarly, on August 20, the political prisoners of Ward 1 of Zahedan’s central prison were attacked by prison guards. The raid followed a hunger strike by prisoners of this ward to protest the barbaric behavior of the henchmen and prison’s inhuman conditions, including the poor quantity and quality of the food. This raid resulted in a bloody clash between prisoners and prison guards and two prisoners were transferred to the hospital because of the gravity of their injuries.

Meanwhile, henchmen transferred 25 prisoners from this ward to the solitary confinement ward and resorted to savagely torturing them by lashing them with electric cables, using electric shockers, and hanging them from the ceiling for long durations.

The silence and inaction of the international community, especially the United States and the European Union, concerning the tragic violation of human rights in Iran under whatever pretext, is to participate in the suppression and slaughter of the Iranian people. Any relationship with this regime should be made contingent on the improvement of human rights in Iran, including a halt in the executions and the release of all political prisoners.

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