#Iran: 16 #executions in 3 days #unhchr

Iran: 16 executions in 3 days

  • The antihuman mullahs’ regime hanged 16 prisoners in various cities on August 26, 27 and 29157464_588

On August 26, in addition to the criminal execution of political prisoner Mr. Behrouz Alkhani in Urmia Prison, twelve other prisoners were collectively hanged in prisons in Kermanshah and Urmia. The Iranian regime has so far refrained from publishing the information on those executed.

On August 27, Jamal Ja’afari, from the city of Sanadaj, was hanged after suffering four years imprisonment in this city. Similarly, on August 29, two prisoners were hanged in prisons in Bandar Abbas and Khorramabad. Abdollah Zarei, 25, who was hanged in Bandar Abbas was from Minab County, Hormozgan Province. A 23-year-old prisoner was also transferred to solitary confinement along with Zarei in preparation for execution, but there is no news about his fate.

These executions that demonstrate the fright of the regime from growing social protests, is merely a minute section of the nationwide suppression of the Iranian people that is being implemented in an escalating manner during Rouhani’s tenure, the so-called “moderate” president of the Iranian regime. The number of these executions has now surpassed 2000 during Rouhani’s presidency.

The silence and inaction of the international community in face of the collective executions by the mullahs, concurrent with visits by senior European officials to Iran to pave the way for trade contracts with mullahs’ anti-human and anti-Iranian fascism is tantamount to encouraging this regime to continue with its crimes and collaboration with this regime.

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