#Rouhani ’s projections against #PMOI in fear of domestic& #international reception of #Iran ian #Resistance

Rouhani’s projections against the PMOI

in fear of domestic and international reception of the Iranian Resistance

False accusations repeated by the President of a regime commonly known as the Godfather of ISIS

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced in a 2014227221845441933881_آخوند-حسن-روحانیstatement: Hassan Rouhani, President of the religious fascism ruling Iran, commonly known among Iranian people as Abu-Daesh, or the Godfather of ISIS, on Monday August 31 showed his compulsion against the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance and, with a series of lies, attributed the inhuman crimes of the regime to the PMOI and the opponents of the clerical regime.  He made his remarks in a meeting called by the “Habilian” Foundation, a branch of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence, with the presence of a number of agents, interrogators, torturers and foreign mercenaries of the Intelligence Ministry.

Since Khomeini’s rise to power, Rouhani has always had one of the highest roles in brutal repression, war crimes such as sending children on mine fields, export of terrorism and fundamentalism and anti-national nuclear weapons project. During his presidency, a large number of women have been attacked with acid by henchmen of the regime in one of the most heinous crimes of the regime. In his speech on August 31, in a series of disgusting lies, he accused the PMOI and opponents for killing “ordinary shopkeepers”, “peeling skin of police and security agents” and “guiding Iraqi airplanes to bomb population centers.”

During past two decades, the clerical regime tried to make the judiciary of Western countries believe these lies. The French Judiciary in May 2011, after 10 years of investigation, ruled that the NCRI, PMOI and the National Liberation Army of Iran all constitute a collective body with the objective of overthrowing the regime ruling Iran, and based on ” judicial investigation,” their methods have either been “political” or “by using a real army, the National Liberation Army of Iran” and ” or has included military operations inside of Iran, for which the PMOI has claimed responsibility… in the dossier there is no evidence pointing towards any armed operation that has targeted civilians deliberately” and that these measures “cannot be described as terrorism.”

Rouhani’s words show his growing fear of widespread social reception of the Iranian Resistance and its growing international prestige. The host of the ludicrous show staged by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) referred to the great gathering of Paris in June and said: “Western politicians in terrorist meetings are trying to create an alternative for the Islamic Republic … they try to consider terrorists as political opponents… no wonder that the US Congress asks the PMOI leader to comment on the deal by the P5+1 with Iran…”

Ironically, Rouhani portrayed the regime’s crimes in the region as fighting against terrorism and said: “wherever it is necessary, with all power and ability we take action against terrorism,” and when terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen “with the help of great powers have put innocent people under their boots …. we will stand against them.” He threatened Europe and the United States, and “some Muslim countries” by saying that “any country that today helps terrorism … shall not doubt that this terror will entangle him.”

The director of the conference, said: “In the terrorist attacks in Iran, the footsteps of the US and European countries are seen”, adding that “the document of the relation of the US with Forqan and direct negotiations of the US State Department with the PMOI” and the US support for the PMOI after the occupation of Iraq are evidence of that. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s agents too were blaming the PMOI and the British and French governments for the assassination of Neda Aghasoltan who was martyred in the 2009 uprising, and according to Amnesty International, they arrested her fiancé and pressured him to admit that PMOI had killed Neda.

During Rouhani’s two-year tenure, more than 2,000 prisoners have been executed. He has described these executions as carrying out God and the law’s decrees. This deceiving cleric is a Khomeini apprentice who in 1981 had said, “We want a caliph who cuts off hands, imposes sentences and stones to death … prison sentences of a few years will not lead to any improvement. Forget about these childish emotions.” This criminal mullah said on July 14, 1999, during the peak of the students’ uprising that “Insulting Khamenei is an insult to Iran and Islam and Muslims and the Constitution and those who consider Iran as the motherland of Islam … A firm order was issued to categorically suppress any move by these elements.”

If Rouhani is telling the truth, he must declare the names of 30,000 political prisoners who were massacred in 1988 by Khomeini’s fatwa and show their graves to their bereaved families. At that time, he was one of the government’s decision-makers and shares full responsibility in this crime against humanity. Mustafa Pour-Mohammadi, Rouhani’s Minister of Justice, was a key member of the committee that sent prisoners to the gallows. One of the other members of the ‘death committee’ was Ibrahim Raeesi, who is now the First Deputy Judiciary Chief of the regime.

The heinous crimes committed by ISIS today are only part of the crimes that this regime has committed from the beginning of its rule and continues to commit against the Iranian people, especially women and young people, by fatwas of Khomeini and Khamenei. Killing of political prisoners under torture, killing the wounded, execution of pregnant women, rape of young girls before their execution, draining the blood of prisoners before execution, amputation, eye gouging, throwing from cliff, and … are crimes that the caliph in Tehran has been committing for years.

The Iranian regime talks about fighting ISIS while all democratic and nationalistic forces and religious leaders in the region and regional and international experts and many European leaders have repeatedly said that ISIS is a byproduct of the crimes of the inhuman clerical regime and its two regional puppets, Bashar Assad and Nuri Maliki. Rouhani has always supported Maliki and up to now on various occasions, including a couple of weeks ago at a meeting with Assad’s foreign minister, announced his full support for the Syrian government.

Rouhani’s remarks once again reflect the evil intentions of the regime for intensifying repression and murder and export of terrorism and fundamentalism to the region and the world. The Iranian Resistance once again emphasizes on the need for a firm policy against this regime and warns that continuing and improving relations with the regime, until such time that it halts executions in Iran and warmongering and killings in the region, is strongly against the interests of the Iranian people and against peace and tranquility in the region and the world.

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