Passing away of #PMOI member Abdul Ali Ghanbari in #Albania, 27th martyr of #medical blockade in #CampLiberty

Passing away of PMOI member Abdul Ali Ghanbari in Albania, 27th martyr of medical blockade in Camp Liberty

  • Multiple warnings from doctors and representatives of Liberty about the obstructions of Iraqi forces in treatment of Abdul Ali Ghanbari and the need for his faster transfer to Europe went unheeded
  • Mrs. Rajavi calls to end prison making and the inhumane medical siege of Liberty residents
  • Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced in a statement: On Wednesday morning, September 2, 2015, PMOI member Abdul Ali Ghanbari with 4 decades of dedication in the struggle against the Shah’s and the clerical regime, died in hospital in Albania due to cancer and delay in his treatment because of inhumane medical siege of Liberty. He is the 27th martyr of medical siege on Ashraf and Liberty.

    Abdul Ali Ghanbari PMOI IRAN
    Abdul Ali Ghanbari PMOI IRAN

Abdul Ali Ghanbari, born in 1958, joined to support the PMOI in 70’s and was arrested and tortured and spent more than six months in jail.  After the anti-monarchy revolution, he joined in the professional ranks of the Mojahedin and until last days of his life, despite the severity of his illness, he did not stopped short of the struggle.

In a joint letter to the Deputy UNAMI chief on December 21, 2012, referring to the pressure and sabotage of Iraqi forces in treating patients in Liberty, four doctors of PMOI in Camp Liberty expressed concerns of the risks faced by some of the acute patients including Abdul Ali Ghanbari due to this blockade.

Legal Adviser of Liberty in two letters on June 21 and 24, 2014 to the UNHCR in Baghdad, mentioned the names of a number of acute patients who have been denied access to hospital for more than two weeks and called for intervention to transfer these patients to the hospital was. Abdul Ali Ghanbari is the third name in both letters and that he should be seen by a specialist and chemotherapy must be used for him.

The residents’ representatives had given Abdul Ali Ghanbari’s name in various lists for urgent action for treatment in different lists through UNAMI and UNHCR and Ms. Jane Lute SRSG and also directly to the European countries and had emphasized for his immediate transfer. But he was transferred to Albania in October 2014 after a long delay and was treated immediately but due to delay and progression of his disease, doctors’ efforts were not effective.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the Iranian Resistance offered her condolences to all PMOI members. She praised Abdul Ali Ghanbari and described his courage, devotion and faithfulness in the most difficult situations as an example of the will of the Iranian people for overthrowing the dictatorship in Iran. She called on the U.S. government, UNAMI, UNHCR and Government of Iraq to take immediate measures to end the antihuman siege of Camp Liberty to prevent more patients from being tormented to death which is crime against humanity.

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