#Iran: #Khamenei emphasizes #IRGC is regime’s sole pillar

Iran: Khamenei emphasizes IRGC is regime’s sole pillar 

They promise that in ten years this Iran will no longer be… all should appreciate IRGC. Weakening the revolutionary guards and unrelated statements against it pleases the enemy… IRGC is a great divine gift

Khamenei - IRGC
Khamenei – IRGC

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced in a statement: In a meeting with the leaders of the revolutionary guards (IRGC) on Wednesday, September 17, Iranian regime supreme leader Khamenei expressed concern about the bleak future of the velayat-e faqih regime and the disintegration of regime’s forces and once again reiterated on the role of IRGC as the linchpin and main guarantor of survival of the religious fascism ruling Iran.

He voiced concern for regime’s prospect and acknowledged the loath of the people and even regime’s own elements for the revolutionary guards: “They promise that the Iran of 10 years from now will not be this Iran. We should not allow this thought and evil hope to grow in the enemy’s heart. We should greatly strengthen the pillars of the revolution and the revolutionary mindset. All should value the IRGC. Weakening the revolutionary guards and unrelated statements against it are groundless and please the enemy… IRGC is a great divine gift in the country.”

Khamenei who described IRGC as a “great divine gift” and is fearful of losing regime’s forces said: “Economic and security influence is of course dangerous and has significant consequences, but enemy’s political and cultural influence is a much greater threat and all need to be watchful.” He added: “They are waiting for the nation and the system to become inattentive and ten years from now that for example I am no longer around they would attain their objectives.”

Khamenei praised warmongering and terrorism and IRGC’s aggressive interventions in various countries under the title “creation of operational, political, identity and pompous capability” and stated that the “Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is not a inhibited organization busy with its own administrative affairs, but a cognizant observer that is attentive to domestic and external issues. IRGC’s intelligence ought to constantly observe the issues and identify the threats”.

IRGC commander Major General Jafari also stated in his remarks to IRGC leaders that the “IRGC believes that to confront enemies’ fresh pretexts, in tandem with increasing the capability and precision of its missiles, it should increase the range of Islamic ideals and care for the symbols needed for the revolution” (Khorassan state daily – September 16, 2015).

Similarly, on September 15, regime’s President Rouhani who was addressing IRGC leaders emphasized on the continuation of regime’s aggressive interventions and its warmongering in the region: “We cannot be indifferent regarding Muslim countries.” While the clerical regime is the most important source of massacre, conflict and crisis in the region, he demagogically stated: “We are the great soldiers that create tranquility, stability and peace not just in Iran, but in the whole region for our neighbors, for Muslim unity and for unifying Muslims that would give enemy the shivers.”

In an unmistakable kowtow to the IRGC that controls the main arteries of country’s economy, he assured them that their plunders would continue and “asked the revolutionary guards and the Basij to prop up the government in attaining the goals of a resistive economy and to arrive at a point of invulnerability for the country’s economy” (News Network – September 15, 2015).

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