Pumping fabricated information&reports against PMOI in #CampLiberty 2tighten siege&suppression&2disrupt transfer out #Iraq #Iran

Pumping fabricated information and reports against PMOI in Camp Liberty to tighten the siege and suppression and to disrupt transfer out of Iraq

CPC7jK6VEAAdbduAccording to reports received from inside Iran, the Iranian regime’s intelligence ministry (MOIS) has ramped up pumping of fabricated information against the PMOI and Camp Liberty residents in the recent weeks.

In one such ludicrous lie, MOIS has informed the Governmental Committee tasked to suppress Ashraf, as well as other Iraqi security and military organs, that a group from PMOI is planning to hijack an airplane at Baghdad Airport. The reason behind these lies is to ratchet up the siege and suppressive measures against Camp Liberty and to disrupt the transfer of residents out of Iraq.

Similarly, just a month ago, in a series of ludicrous and fabricated narratives, the terrorist Quds Force and the MOIS claimed that the PMOI “has passed on valuable information to ISIS. This information was passed on to ISIS in coordination with the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, including” information regarding the Baghdad Airport, that included “video clips of the security cameras at Baghdad Airport, including from inspection stations, departure hall, the runway, control rooms, and airport’s control tower” (Tasnim News Agency, affiliated with the Quds Force – July 29, 2015).

Meanwhile, in late August, a group of Quds Force and MOIS officers travelled to Iraq to collect information on Camp Liberty, such as commute of residents to the hospital or for emptying the black water, how the foodstuff is procured and transferred to the camp… In coordination with regime’s embassy, they went to the airport along with the intelligence officers under command of Faleh Fayyad, including Sadeq Mohammed Kadhim and Ahmed Khozair, in order to collect information.

Moreover, this group also met with some of regime’s hirelings in Iraq that in recent years had actively participated in conspiracies against Ashraf and Liberty and got all their information on the PMOI and Liberty residents.

The Iranian Resistance reminds the commitments of the United States and the United Nations concerning the security and wellbeing of Liberty residents and brings their attention to the Iranian regime’s machinations and calls for the provision and guaranteeing of their security until the last resident leaves Iraq.

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