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Imprisoned Iranian-American Saeed Abedini Summons to the Prison Security Department

Saeed Abedini, an Iranian-American pastor, who kept in Rajai Shahr prison, was

saeed abedini
saeed abedini

summoned to the Prison Security Department by two infamous torturers identified as Mr. Bahreini and Mr. Mozare. The officials had allegedly threatened Mr. Abedini for another vague charges.

Mr. Abedini, who converted to Christianity in 2000, was arrested in July 2012 when he went to Iran to see his family and build an orphanage, BCR Group has learned. The imprisoned Iranian-American was sentenced to eight years in prison for vague charges as “intending to disrupt Iranian national security by establishing a network of Christian house churches.”

He has been reportedly kept at the notorious Rajai Shahr prison amongst criminals imprisoned for serious offences such as murder, rape, drug smuggling and fraud.

Accordingly, Jason Rezaian, an American-Iranian journalist employed as The Washington Post Bureau Chief in Tehran, and Amir Hekmati, the former United States Marine, are two other Iranian-Americans being held in prison in Iran. In addition, Omid Kokabee, an Iranian experimental laser physicist at the University of Texas at Austin, has been imprisoned after returning to Iran for a visit.

source: BCR NEWS

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