Throw #Rouhani out of #UN ;his presence is against #peace & #humanrights & a #violation of the philosophy behind UN’s creation

Throw Rouhani out of UN; his presence is against peace and human rights and a violation of the philosophy behind UN’s creation

He is amongst most senior officials involved in developing the nuclear bomb, 120,000 political executions, warmongering and slaughter in the region

He should face justice for crime against humanity

12027542_10204863871498775_6669708321327798965_nThe Iranian Resistance stongly condemns the presence of Rouhani, President of the religious fascism ruling Iran, in New York and at the United Nations General Assembly. He is among the most senior officials involved in the production of the nuclear bomb, 120,000 political executions, and warmongering and slaughter in the region. This regime does not represent the Iranian people and its leaders, from whatever faction, should face justice for crime against humanity in Iran. Iran’s seat at the United Nations should be given to its people and their legitimate resistance.

Allowing any intervention by the Iranian regime in the resolution of Syria’s deadly crisis and showing flexibility with the Syrian dictator will aggravate the crisis and prolong and broaden the conflict. The religious fascism ruling Iran is never the solution to the crisis that it has itself created. Turning a blind eye at Iranian regime’s atrocities in Syria that shames the contemporary humanity will further imperil peace and security. The principal element in driving over half of the Syrian people from their homes and the wave of immigrants to Europe is the atrocities committed by Bashar Assad, the Iranian regime, and the terrorist Qods Force.

Rouhani who attempts to conceal his deceptive character by a mask of “moderation” has no mission but to preserve the velayat-e faqih and delay its overthrow. He represents a regime that people dubb the “Godfather of ISIS”. As far as the fundamental policies of this regime, i.e. suppression, acquisition of the nuclear bomb, regional intervention… is concerned, Rouhani is no different than any other faction within this regime. His cabinet ministers have played prominent roles in war, suppression and the export of terrorism and fundamentalism.

He has a record of 2000 executions during his two years in office and has not voiced any opposition to the growing number of executions and barbaric punishments such as chopping off limbs or gogging out of the eyes. In fact, regarding those executed he has stated: “Any way, the law has condemned him and he is punished and this has nothing to do with us. It is either God’s covenant or a law approved by the parliament… we just implement it.”

During Rouhani’s tenure, the suppression of the political opposition, human rights activists, and defenders of rights of workers, women, teachers, lawyers, journalists and internet activists… have intensified. Political prisoners are not set free even after their sentences are over. Murder under torture, tormenting to death, killing off the prisoners, and suspicious deaths in prisons continue unabated.

Meanwhile, suppression of women has taken on added dimension. Young women and girls were victimized in acid attacks on the pretext of “mal-veiling” in an unparalleled heinousness by organized state assassins. The repression and prejudice against women that has been constitutionalized by the laws of this regime have spread through plans of gender segregation and the implementation of the repressive law of “chastity and veiling”.

Followers of ethnic and religious minorities are under pressure as never before. The suppression of Sunni Muslims has intensified and their only prayer house in Tehran was demolished. Raids on house churches, arrest of Christians, destruction of the Baha’is cemetery, barring their burial in cemeteries, and prevening Baha’is from attending universities has persisted and escalated.

On September 22, Rouhani proudly noted regime’s criminal meddling in Iraq and Syria under the pretext of combating terrorism: “As in Iraq and Syria that we aided their militaries and governments against terrorism at the request of their governments, if, God forbid, terrorists go on a rampage in other neighboring countries, those countries may still pin their hopes on Persia’s military, revolutionary guards and Basij.” A day later, speaking on regime’s interference in Iraq he noted: “We have not asked for anybody’s permission on this nor will we ask for one”.

Since long time, Rouhani has been one of the regime’s foremost officials involved in covering up its nuclear projects. Speaking at regime’s Defense Ministry on August 22 he unmistakeably stated that the regime shall not abide by UN Secuirty Council Resolution 2231: the resolution “does not prevent our work. We buy and shall buy weapons from wherever we see fit and we shall not wait for anyone or anyone’s permission and approval; nor shall we look at any resolution” and “if we deem necessary to sell weapons, we shall sell it without any regard, any resolution; we shall sell our weapons”.

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