#CampLiberty under heavy #attack – No. 2 Urgent: Attack&very heavy #missile barrage of Camp Liberty in #Iraq #Iran

Camp Liberty under heavy attack – No. 2

Urgent: Attack and very heavy missile barrage of Camp Liberty in Iraq

According to preliminary reports, the extent of damages and fires is quite extensive, but due to darkness we have not received reports on the number of martyrs and injured.

A great number of trailers have caught fire and residents are attempting to put out the fires with whatever they have available.

The names of some of the martyrs we have so far received are as follows:

PMOI members Messrs. Mehdi Tavakol, Behzad Mirshahi, Hassan Adawi, Rajab Mohammadi, Reza Wadian, Sharif Vaissi, Hossein Sarvazad, Ahmad Maschian, Jassim Qassir and Ms. Nayyereh Rabiei

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

October 29, 2015

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