#Iran ian regime #intelligence agent #arrested in #Germany for #spying on #PMOI #EU

Iranian regime intelligence agent arrested in Germany for spying on PMOI

  • Call on EU to expose the spies and their activities against Resistance and to expel them

On Wednesday, October 28, Germany’s federal prosecutors announced that on October 23 it has arrested a 31-year-old man Maysam P. on the charge of being an Iranian regime Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) agent and for his spying on the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). According to this report, the houses of another five were inspected by German federal prosecutors on the similar charge of spying against PMOI.

According to the federal prosecutors, the arrested spy was being paid by MOIS for his spying activities.

The arrested hireling Maysam Panahi and his accomplices were expelled by PMOI from Camp Liberty 3.5 years ago in April 2013. They subsequently went to Mohajer Hotel in Baghdad that is under Iranian regime’s MOIS and terrorist Qods Force control.

The Security and Anti-terrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance (NCR) announced on 26 February 2014 in details that Mohajer Hotel is a center for regime’s MOIS and Qod Force under a Qods Force Brigadier General by the pseudonym of Sajjad. This communiqué stated: “Once the individual earns their trust, he is transferred to Europe or other countries or taken to Iran depending on the mission they want to give him. Presently, the priority for the regime is to send these hirelings to Europe… Some of the hirelings that are candidates for special missions in Europe are first covertly transferred to Iran and once they receive their special ‘briefings and training’ they are returned back to Iraq and from there they are dispatched to Turkey and ultimately to Europe.”

The Iranian Resistance calls on government of Germany and pertinent authorities there to expose all MOIS spies and their activities against the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance. The Iranian Resistance considers this a necessary step to prevent the continuation of these criminal acts. In particular the collection of intelligence and spying by the Iranian regime paves the way for terrorism.

The Iranian Resistance has time and again warned about the presence of MOIS spies in European countries and the threat they pose to the security of the Iranian refugees. It urges Germany and other EU states to implement the resolution of the EU Council in April 1997 and to try, punish and expel the

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