Protesting youth and workers of Ahvaz arrested and tortured

In several raids on May Day 2018 (International Workers Day), hundreds of the youth and workers were arrested and tortured in Ahvaz by security forces and intelligence agents on various fake charges.

More than 100 of the detainees, who had been transferred to Sheiban Prison in the city of Whace and tortured with whips and hoses, were taken before the Mullahs’ religious judge to receive their sentences. Among them, there are a number of workers of Haft-Tapeh sugarcane plantation who were aggressively attacked by the regime’s agents while they were preparing and mounting their protest banners.

An immediate fact-finding visit to Ahvaz prisons by representatives of the UN and international organizations is absolutely vital.


People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran

May 5, 2018

20180505-PMOI-EN-Iran-100Arrested in International Workers's Day


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