New orders issued by the Supreme Security Council to the Ministry of Intelligence, the Quds Force and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for spying and paving the gtround for terrorism against the Iranian resistance



Hassan Rouhani, the President of the clerical regime on August 6, expressed outrage and cracked against the PMOI, while referring to the widespread protests in various cities in August: “There is no objection to the people’s protests … but not that some people respond to a grouplet.”

Subsequently, the regime’s Supreme Security Council in an instruction to the Ministry of Intelligence, the terrorist Quds Force, the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence and other agencies involved in export of terrorism and fundamentalism, ordered them to take further measures to spy on the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance and to lay the groundwork for terrorist acts.

  1. The Ministry of Intelligence stations in various European countries were ordered to collect more information from movements and to use more resources.
  2. The Ministry of Intelligence and the Quds Force should examine the humanitarian, political and technical capabilities and potential of terrorist acts in European countries, in particular Albania, through the use of non-Iranian mercenaries, insofar as these actions can be attributed to the “internal conflicts of the Mojahedin (PMOI)” and or “natural disasters” and not being blamed on the regime.
  3. To justify the terrorist plots and discovered scandals in Albania and France (April and July 2018), we must add to the dimensions of the psychological warfare and the demonization campaign accompanied by the pumping of false information and the production of fake documentaries. In this regard, the Ministry of Intelligence and its agents and mercenaries abroad must cooperate with the cultural advisers of the regime in European countries, the overseas directorate of the State Radio and Television, the Islamic Propaganda Organization and other related organizations. The priority is to employ the salaried and mercenaries of the regime, especially non-Iranian agents who can carry out their mission under the cover of journalism.
  4. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Intelligence, and the Quds Force have been ordered to press upon European governments, especially Albania, to curtail the activities of the Iranian Resistance through friendly “governments and parties” in the region, Europe and the Balkans, using political and economic relations.
  5. The mercenaries and regime agents should be dispatched to Albania under the pretext of PMOI family members. The Ministry of Intelligence and the Quds Force are required to send their agents, with the help of some so-called non-governmental organizations, as part of a group under the pretext of the “Family members of the Mojahedin”, by modeling their actions in Ashraf and Liberty.

National Resistance Council of Iran – Security and Antiterrorism Committee

August 16, 2018

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