Iran: Life of political prisoner Ali Moezzi is in danger; Call for support

Iran: Life of political prisoner Ali Moezzi is in danger; Call for support

2016112002043803731681In a suspicious move on the morning of Wednesday, January 4, Iranian regime authorities suspiciously transferred political prisoner Ali Moezzi to an unknown location. The Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights organizations, especially the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and Special Rapporteur for the Human Rights Situation in Iran to take urgent action in this regard.

Ali Moezzi is a political prisoner and supporter of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) currently detained in hall 12 of ward 4 in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran. Moezzi was summoned to the prison clinic in an unordinary fashion on Wednesday morning. However, he refused to abide on concerns of the entire plot being a conspiracy. He went to his weekly visit with his family today, according to schedule. However, at around 10 am Tehran time while returning to ward he was transferred by unknown individuals to an unknown location, and there is no information of his whereabouts ever since.

Moezzi also endured time behind bars as a political prisoner back in the 1980s and is the father of two PMOI members. He was last arrested back in 2011 and sentenced to an extra year in prison in December 2015 despite the fact that his term had been finalized. Moezzi suffers from various illnesses and has time and again been placed in solitary confinement and under torture.

In the meantime prison authorities also summoned political prisoner Saleh Kohandel, on the verge of being released, to Gohardasht Prison’s ward 8 (controlled by the Ministry of Intelligence), where authorities threatened not to release him after his sentence is over. The authorities said if he is released he will not be permitted to be seen in public and will be arrested if he fails to abide.

Kohandel, 51, was arrested in early 2007 for supporting the PMOI and sentenced to 10 years behind bars. Mahdiyeh and Akbar Madadzadeh, two of his relatives, were murdered in the massacre of Camp Ashraf residents (PMOI members) by Iraqi forces in April 2011.

Forging new judicial cases after a prisoner’s time behind bars comes to an end is a known practice of the Iranian regime to refrain from releasing political prisoners.

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