The appointment of the #Qods_Force deputy commander as the #Iraian Ambassador to #Iraq is to continue and expand meddling in this country

The appointment of the Qods Force deputy commander as the Ambassador to Iraq is to continue and expand meddling in this country

953939_869Khamenei, in order to continue and expand its criminal meddling in Iraq, has appointed Revolutionary Guard Brigadier General Iraj Masjedi, deputy commander of the terrorist Qods Force, as the new ambassador to that country. In the past 30 years, Masjedi has always played a key role in terrorist operations of the clerical regime outside Iran, particularly in Iraq and Syria.

  1. Masjedi was Chief of Staff of Ramadan garrison during the Iran-Iraq war, which later became the Qods Force. In an interview with Mehr News Agency on June 25, 2016, Masjedi said: “Ramadan garrison was formed during war for irregular, guerilla, special, intelligence operations” and organizing and supporting Iraqi groups and “this is exactly what the IRGC Qods Force is doing today.”
  2. After official formation of the Qods Force in 1990, Masjedi became the commander of the First Corp of the Qods Force that replaced Ramadan garrison and was responsible for terrorist operations in Iraq. Terrorist groups such as Badr 9 Corps and Supreme Council were under his command.
  3. After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Masjedi was one of the main commanders of the Qods Force in relation to Iraq and traveled regularly to Baghdad and other Iraqi cities such as Nasiriyah, Basra, Amarah, Najaf and Karbala. Through Iraqi agents of the Qods force, including Hadi al-Ameri, Abu Mahdi Mohandes, Hashem al-Mousavi, Abu Bilal Adib, Hassan Alsary, etc. he was advancing the policy of hidden occupation of Iraq.
  4. Many terrorist acts in Iraq, such as roadside bombs, including the headquarters of US forces in Karbala on January 20, 2007 and the kidnapping of five British citizens in Baghdad on May 29, 2007 were carried out under the supervision of Masjedi.
  5. With the deployment of elements affiliated with the Qods Force in political and military posts in Diyala Province, this criminal Revolutionary Guard was paving the way for exerting pressure and repressive measures against the PMOI in Ashraf. A mercenary named Uday Khedran, the governor of Khalis, was one of these people who was actively involved in the mobilization and organization of mercenaries to attack Ashraf in different occasions. Five rocket attacks on Camp Liberty also took place under his command and by the handmade terrorist groups of the Qods Force.
  6. After Maliki’s attacks on popular sit-ins in Al-Anbar province in 2013, Masjedi along with other Qods Force commanders entered Iraq and executed his suppressive plans to massacre and to forcibly displace the Sunni population of this province.
  7. Masjedi became in charge of the Iraq file in the Qods Force in March 2014. Hassan Danaifar, the regime’s then ambassador to Iraq, was working under the auspices of Masjedi. One of the tasks of Masjedi was preparation for the third round of Maliki as Prime Minister, which failed.
  8. Masjedi has had a major role in the formation of the Iraqi criminal militias and Hashd Al-Shabi. The arrival of these criminals in Sunni areas and killing innocent people has also been fully under Masjedi’s monitoring.
  9. In addition to Iraq, Masjedi played a major role in crime and warmongering in Syria and the deployment of Iraqi militias in Syria. On January 13, 2017, on the anniversary of a number of Iranian Revolutionary Guards killed in Syria, he said: “Our frontline yesterday was in the Arvand Roud (Shatt Al-Arab) and Shalamcheh and Mehran and Haj Omran. Today the frontline has been transferred to Damascus and Aleppo and Mosul and Fallujah.”

While many Iraqi political currents and many Arab countries have recognized Iraj Masjedi as a war criminal, Faleh al-Fayad, Iraq’s national security adviser, said the Iraqi government agreed to the appointment of Masjedi as ambassador, and “he has contributed to the formation of Hashd al-Shabi”

NCRI – Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee

January 25, 2017

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