Pasargad No. 2 – Setting up hundreds of checkpoints on main and secondary roads of Pasargad and arresting a large number of people

In order to demonstrate national unity against the anti-national and anti-Iranian regime of Velayat-e faqih, people from different cities of the country started to go to Pasargad since Friday October 27 to commemorate Cyrus the Great. In fear of turning this rally into an uprising against the clerical regime, regime officials have taken repressive measures since a few weeks ago to prevent this move. These measures have been intensified since last week, especially during the past three days:

  1. To prevent people from entering Pasargad, Revolutionary Guards, Basij, Police and plain-clothed forces were sent from neighboring provinces and cities to Fars province and the surrounding areas of Pasargad. They have been and controlling the roads leading to the Pasargad nearby cities. That’s why massive crowds have gathered at different checkpoints.
  2. Some of these forces are patrolling in the area in black cars with no license plate. All roads and parking lots in Pasargad and around it are full of repressive forces.
  3. IRGC and police forces are patrolling with helicopter over the ​​Pasargad area and around it.
  4. The IRGC forces remove and take with them the plates of cars that are on the paths leading to Pasargad, or stopped up to a distance of 20 km from the highway.
  5. At the Pasargad gas station, they have closed the ‘automated teller machine (ATM)’ so that nobody can take money.
  6. Internet has been interrupted in Pasargad and surrounding areas.
  7. Since Friday morning (October 27th), the security forces and the anti-riot guards, including IRGC female forces and the Basijis, also inspect vehicles on the routes to Shiraz, and return each car whose plate does not belong to Fars province.
  8. Parts of the Isfahan-Shiraz road have been blocked by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development on the pretext of repairs.
  9. At 19:00 PM on Friday, a number of guards at the green square of Saadat -Shahr (25 km away from Pasargad) forced people into cars and forced them to leave the city. A number of people were arrested in the area.
  10. On the route from Marvdasht to Pasargad, a checkpoint is located every 20 km. The mercenaries are trying to confiscate them on the pretext of incomplete documentation, and prevent them from heading to Pasargad.
  11. The police force intimidatee families in the park adjacent to the Chamran Blvd. Shiraz, smashed their hookahs and seized or broke their cell phones.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

October 29, 2017


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