Pasargad No. 3 – Mullahs’ fear of the massive gathering of people in Pasargad and extensive suppressive measures to prevent it

downloadThe efforts of the brave people to gather in Pasargad on October 29th have scared the religious fascism ruling Iran who has long mobilized its suppressive forces to confront it.

On October 26, a “security official” informed of the plan of “A group of Monafeqin [meaning PMOI] and anti-revolutionary elements to create turmoil and chaos next week on the occasion of the commemoration of Cyrus”, saying “Other plans of Anti-Revolutionary groups on this day include encouraging their sympathizers to attend this celebration, engaging with the police, and capturing films and photos for publication in the [PMOI] media, as well as making some ‘killed’ in the clashes. ” “Launching protest rallies against economic corruption and problems in the country, and then to distract it by slogans against the regime, is one of the main programs of these groups,” the security official said.

Since about a month ago, the regime’s repressive organs installed fences at a distance of three kilometers from the Cyrus Tomb on each side for a length of eight kilometers and prevented the passage of cars to Pasargad. They have also installed powerful cameras every 50 meters.

The regime has canceled travel tours to Pasargad, and has rented homes around Pasargad since several weeks ago. It has threatened the locals to vacate their homes on October 27th. The regime forbade people from leasing their homes to others, and stated that any trip to this place is prohibited, and patients and employees are only allowed to go to their homes by providing a card and permit from the IRGC. Shopkeepers have also been forced to not open their shops on October 29th.

A special anti-riot unit has been stationed in the Husseinieh of this area since last week. The local mosque is also occupied by the guards who have came to the area to suppress the rally.

The counterintelligence directorate has contacted many of the people who had gone to Pasargad last year through the Telecommunication Office, threatening them not to go to Pasargad this year.

The Crime Prevention directorate has sent a voice message to the people saying “You were in the Pasargad gathering on 29th October 2016. Illegal gathering is a crime. Avoid gathering on October 29, 2017 in this place in order to avoid legal prosecution and deprivation of social rights”.

The Harassat office of Fajr Jam Gas Refining Company has announced to its employees that if anyone participates in the October 29 rally, he will be punished.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

October 29, 2017



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