Iraqi merchants wishing to purchase residents’ property are barred from Camp Liberty, A blatant hampering of the resettlement

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Iraqi merchants wishing to purchase residents’ property are barred from Camp Liberty

A blatant hampering of the resettlement

11133711_1635005840061893_1665552547833408732_nThe Governmental Committee tasked to suppress Camp Liberty residents headed by Faleh Fayyadh prevented two groups of Iraqi merchants who wanted to purchase residents’ property from entering Camp Liberty on Thursday, 14 April 2016. Similarly, on the previous day, two other merchants who had come to purchase the property were turned back at the entrance to the airport area.

This inimical behavior is being implemented despite the fact that the sale of the property in Liberty is one of the requisites for the transfer of residents out of Iraq. Government of Iraq had already declared its consent with the sale of residents’ property. Residents wish to sell their property to provide for part of their resettlement expenses. It seems that in addition to imposing pressures on and psychological torture of residents, another objective of the suppression committee in preventing the sale of the property is to repeat a scenario of systematic plundering and stealing of the PMOI property that it has already executed in Ashraf.

On April 14, in a fresh act of harassment and repression, the elements of the suppression committee prevented the return of empty plastic fruit cases to the supplier company. In the past four years, the empty plastic cases for the fruit or food purchased by residents were systematically returned to the supplier.

The Iranian Resistance reminds the obligations of the international community regarding the security and wellbeing of Camp Liberty residents and calls on the United States government, the European Union, and the United Nations to take immediate measures to revoke the siege on Liberty, especially any prohibitions regarding the sale of residents’ property as a requisite to their resettlement.

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